A Box of Awesome Things Matching Game Review


Item Description: You know what’s awesome? Fireflies. Lava. Tacos. Yellow. Wee Society’s compilation of awesome things (also found in An Incomplete Book of Awesome Things) is now a matching game – designed to induce giggles, exercise working memory and spark silly conversations. The game comes with 20 pairs of cards – including one blank pair so kids can draw their own awesome addition. What’s not included: things that are NOT awesome, like cavities, garbage or splinters. It’s designed for all ages. Beginners can take out a few pairs, and work their way up to using all 40 cards.

The beautifully minimal, vibrant illustrations are designed to grab kid’s attention and make the game fun.

My Thoughts: When I saw this game available for review, I was excited to request it. I am always on the lookout for fun games that work on matching, fine motor skills, visual scanning, etc.  that I can use at work. I work as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in schools and my husband loves to tell people that “I play games all day”. This isn’t 100% true but I do play games a lot at work.

The box of awesome things matching game is a revamped version of the old-school “Memory” game that I played in the 80s. It contains 40 cards with 20 pairs that are laid out face down and then turns are taken to flip 2 cards at a time and see if you can remember where they were to get matches. For younger children, you could use less cards, working your way up to more, or just have them spread out face up and have the child match the pictures. Because I work on writing, I plan on incorporating printing the words from the cards as well.

The pictures are a lot of fun with vibrant colors…there are tacos and s’mores and science…things that would make kids smile.  The cards are heavy duty cardboard and seem like they will endure lots of wear and tear. The game also comes in a great storage box with a lift top lid…I may move the cards to a ziploc baggie or put a rubber band around the box because the lid isn’t secure…a magnetic or velcro closure would have been a nice touch.

The game is also compact, which is important in my job, as I carry all of my supplies with me daily from school to school so I need small items.

This one definitely hit it out of the park, I highly recommend this game for parents who want a fun matching game for their children, it’s a winner!

My Rating: 5 stars

I received this game from the publisher and Booklook Bloggers to review.

Bottled Joy bite valve water bottle review


I have started receiving products to review and thought that I’d review some of them on my blog. First up is this bite valve water bottle from Bottled Joy. It is a 27 ounce bottle that comes in 1 of 4 nice colors (blue, green, purple, and pink). I got purple and I really like the pastel lavender shade.

I’ve had many problems with water bottles in the past. A few months ago, I had a flip top bottle in my lunch bag, sitting on the middle console of my car as I was driving to work. By the time I got to my destination (20 minutes later), there was water all over my lunch and in the console, which ruined the papers that were stored there (not to mention the fact that I only had a few tablespoons of water left and a very soggy lunch).

Since then I’ve been on the hunt for a better bottle and I believe I found it in this. I was concerned that it would be difficult to sip from but it is very easy.It flows very well but stops quickly. I am also thrilled to say that this bottle has not leaked yet!


It has a wide opening that makes it very easy to clean and to put ice in it.  It is BPA free and has a handle that is convenient for carrying.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this water bottle and would highly recommend it to anyone who is tired of leaky bottles.I am actually going to be purchasing another one for my daughter as she needs a new water bottle for school.

You can purchase this here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JTXE16C?m=A369ODYKD0FJIR&ref_=v_sp_widget_detail_page

I received this at a discount or for free in exchange for an honest review.