Network of Deceit by Tom Threadgill Review


Amara Alvarez’s first case as a homicide detective drags her into the murky world of computer hackers. When she finds herself under attack by cybercriminals, she has no choice but to use unconventional methods to expose the truth and find a killer.

My Thoughts

The beginning of this book had my attention right away. A teenager is found dead on a raft in the lazy river (my favorite summer attraction) at a water park. At first it looks like heat stroke but after further investigation, it becomes more suspicious.

This is the second book in a series and although reading the first book is not necessary, (I didn’t) it would be very beneficial as the first case that the main character worked on is mentioned often.

The main character, Amara Alvarez is chomping at the bit to investigate the case and earn some recognition in her police department. It’s her first case and she takes it very seriously. Unfortunately, I really struggled to like Amara. She was unwilling to ask for help when she was clearly in over her head and at a point in the book, she offers to buy dinner for her mom and her mom’s boyfriend…her mom starts a conversation that she doesn’t like and Amara pretends to get a phone call, lies that she needs to go for work and as she’s leaving her mom’s boyfriend asked her about paying…Amara says, “what? I can’t hear you”. I found this scene infuriating, especially knowing that it’s published by a Christian publisher.

The case was interesting and I did find the resolution satisfying but overall, the main character was a big turn off for me.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My Rating