Riven by Jerry B. Jenkins Review



When a condemned man with nothing to lose meets one with nothing to gain, everyone washed by the endless ripples of that encounter will forever recall the day a little bit of heaven invaded a whole lot of hell. Brady Wayne Darby and Thomas Carey could hardly have been more disparate individuals. Yet when Darby, a no-account loser raised in a dingy suburban trailer park, encounters Carey, a weary man of God, an entire—state indeed, a nation—is affected. Embark on a wondrous journey where death, guilt, and despair are unfathomably trumped by rebirth, forgiveness, and hope. Author Jerry Jenkins says: “This is the novel I have always wanted to write. I determine whether a fiction idea has merit by how long it stays with me. Does it rattle in my brain, and do I find myself telling it to my wife and other confidants? Is it the type of a tale that will draw me back to the keyboard every day? Two-thirds of my published books have been novels, and only three have had that effect on me. I give my all to every one, but special joy and anticipation attend those that genuinely feel like the best ideas. “Riven” is my fourth such labor of love. The two main characters have remained in my memory since high school 40 years ago. The story idea is perhaps 20 years old. And those mystical, interweaving elements I hope make it all work have been tugging at me for more than a decade. If a novelist has a life’s work, this is mine. I hope in the end you agree and that “Riven” stays with you long after the final page.”

My Thoughts:

This is a story that will stay with me for a long time. The characters truly came to life and are people that I think about often. The book follows Brady, a young man who grows up in a trailer park with a neglectful mother and no father and Thomas, a pastor who struggles to find his place in serving God. Throughout the book you follow these 2 men as they both struggle in different ways until the time comes where their paths intersect.

This book is over 500 pages but not once did I feel like it was slow or lagging. I was interested in the story with every page that I read. It spans many years and the character development is extremely well done.

There are some gritty scenes in the book but the content is clean overall. I highly recommend this book to readers. It was amazing and one of my all time favorites!

My Rating:



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