The Marriage Challenge: A Finance Guide for Married Couples by Art Rainer Review



God has a plan for your marriage and your money. It starts with a challenge. Will you accept?

For many couples, the collision of marriage and money is the beginning of relational havoc. But does it have to be this way?

What if the collision of marriage and money no longer tore couples apart but brought them together? What if money was no longer a topic to argue about but a topic around which couples rallied? What if the collision of marriage and money actually helped couples find contentment and purpose?

In The Marriage Challenge: A Finance Guide for Married Couples, financial expert and author of The Money Challenge Art Rainer takes you on a journey to a financially healthy marriage. Get started on the right foot, or get back on the right track, by accepting the challenge and realizing God’s design for money and marriage.

My Thoughts

I read this book aloud with my husband as finances has always been “THE” issue we’ve had in our marriage. This book is similar to Dave Ramsey’s plan (of which we are very familiar with) but with some interesting differences.

The author of this book really emphasizes the importance of giving, which I really liked as giving is such a Biblical theme. Dave Ramsey also discusses giving but I found that Rainer feels that our goal to be financially free is so that we can minister better to others, whereas Dave Ramsey often says that when you become debt free you can do “whatever you want”. Switching from the mindset of helping ourselves to helping others in the end really made a difference to me. When we look away from ourselves and look to others, our priorities and wants change drastically.

Each chapter is broken down into a running story about 2 couples, a newlywed couple and an older married couple, followed by practical and Biblical lessons, ending with a marriage challenge. The book covers just about every financial situation (unemployment, debt, retirement, buying a house, etc) and would be perfect for all couples (engaged, newlyweds, and those married for many years).

I would highly recommend this book. I found it to be extremely helpful and learned some new information that my husband and I plan on putting into action.

My Rating


I received this book from the publisher to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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