Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart Teen Edition by J.D Greear



In this teen edition of Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart , Greear and Gaston unpack the doctrine of assurance, answering the tough questions about assurance: What exactly is faith? What is repentance?

My Thoughts

At first glance, the title of this book was shocking to me. I grew up in a church that invited us to “ask Jesus into your heart” and then you would be saved. This book discusses the flaws in this approach as some people think that as long as they say the prayer, they can go on living life the same way with the assurance of Heaven.

This book was very informative and relatable…I, like the author, said the sinner’s prayer at least 10 times throughout my childhood and teenage years, “just to be sure”. The author touches on many things, using scripture to back everything up.

I will admit that reading some parts of this book really triggered my anxiety as I found myself still questioning but by the end, I had my answer.

This would be an excellent resource for youth pastors as it is directed towards teens but people of all ages could benefit from it.

The subject of salvation is a major one and can be a bit tricky as only God truly knows the state of one’s heart. I appreciate the author’s willingness to be straightforward and give the truths that are tucked in the Bible…we need to rest on the gospel. I highly recommend this book!

My Rating


I received this book from the publisher to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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