In Bloom by Kayla Aimee Review



Every woman is intimately acquainted with feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. Whether fueled by a culture of makeover shows, by the lingering memories of mean girls, or by events much more wounding to the soul, we can become so conditioned by self-doubt that it becomes our inner monologue.
What we want is to be free of shame and comparison, to turn our uncertainty into a bold confidence. But to flourish in our own skin, we first have to rewrite the narrative.
In this fearless, funny, and refreshingly relatable chronicle of her own metamorphosis from the insecurity that once held her captive, author Kayla Aimee unfolds the blueprint for women to:

• Identify the deep-seated sources of our assumed inadequacy and replace them with steadfast truths of scriptural affirmation
• Replace our need for approval with the enduring promise of acceptance
• Uncover our purpose, unlock our potential, and celebrate the God-given gifts in our unique personality

To every woman who longs for belonging, this journey through Kayla’s inviting prose, biblical promises, and journaling prompts will help guide her from restless insecurity to a beautiful becoming.

My Thoughts:

First of all, Kayla Aimee is a very gifted storyteller. I knew of Kayla many years ago, as she was a big part of the scrapbooking community. I then followed her blog during her extremely difficult time after her daughter was born as a micro preemie. I’ve found everything that she writes to be very enjoyable and funny so I was eager to read this book that deals with the subject of insecurity.

Kayla discusses her life and many times where she has felt excluded or rejected and I found myself relating wholeheartedly to most of her experiences. I wish we could have known each other in our Junior High years, as I think we would have bonded over our love for The Babysitter’s Club.

I highly enjoyed every moment of this book but did find that it felt much more like a memoir than a book for personal or spiritual growth. There were a few things thrown in that added to the “spiritual” aspect but for the most part, it really seemed mainly like a memoir that helps women realize that they’re not alone in their insecurities.

Kayla has a witty and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor, which I enjoyed but by the end of the book, I grew a bit tired of. This is just a matter of personal taste but at times I felt like she was trying a bit too hard to be funny.

Overall, this was a very fun book to read that I thoroughly enjoyed but there wasn’t a lot that I took from it.

My Rating: 3 stars

I received this book from the author/publisher to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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