An Unexplainable Life by Erica Wiggenhorn Review



If you’ve ever read the book of Acts, it probably didn’t take you long to notice: The early believers were on fire! They were full of the Holy Spirit, had wonder for God, and did great things in His name. And sadly, many of us seem nothing like them.

An Unexplainable Life is a call to reignite the mission and movement of the early church individually and collectively. This in-depth Bible study transports readers back to the early days of the Christian church, challenging our modern-day assumptions and inviting us to join Jesus in His work today.

Divided into 10 weeks, this study:

Guides participants verse-by-verse through Acts 1–12
Equip readers for transformation through challenging Scripture application
Teaches basic principles for personally studying the Scriptures
Brings Scripture to life with historical, cultural, and theological backgrounds
Provides a “going deeper” section for curious students
Ideal for groups, this study will help readers spur one another on toward adopting the qualities and passions of the early Christian church, providing built-in accountability.

The fervor of the early church isn’t restricted to the first century. Unlock the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and join His great work today.

My Thoughts:

I’ve been working my way through this study for the past 4 weeks and I have found it to be very challenging and intense (in a good way). It’s divided into 10 weeks that consist of 5 days of study, with each day taking about 20-30 minutes to complete.

The study dives deep into the book of Acts and challenges the person who’s studying to live an “unexplainable life”. I really like the author’s writing style and the way she helps the reader to really think further about the verses and how they can apply them to their own lives.

I do find that some of the questions are difficult to answer…there are times when I don’t know what the author is asking in the questions.

There are sections at the end of each day to reflect and pray and to write anything that the Lord reveals.

Overall, this is an excellent study on the book of Acts that is challenging and will definitely help the reader to grow in their faith.

My Rating: 4 stars

I received this book from the author/publisher to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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