Bibleforce Review



Dive into the action and adventure of the Bible!  BibleForce  will help you and your children discover the message of the Bible and the heroes within its pages. The focus on Bible heroes makes the stories even more thrilling.

This beautifully illustrated Bible is retold in a visually enticing, fast-paced narrative that is sure to capture your attention. BibleForce follows the events of the Bible in chronological order and shares nearly 200 stories of Scripture in a simple, straightforward retelling.

BibleForce is a great book to be read together and is simple enough for young readers to read on their own. Kids will be enthralled in the thrilling drama of the Bible and the visually engaging detail of the illustrations—they won’t be able to put down this exciting book.

Jump into the story of God’s Word and the amazing heroes within its pages.

Free BibleForce app available with purchase!

My Thoughts:

I am really impressed with this book! It’s marketed towards kids but I think teenagers and adults would also love it. Graphic novels are very popular right now and what’s better than a graphic novel Bible?

I am a very visual person and I find that seeing a picture with a story really helps me remember more and envision the story more. The illustrations in this book are very colorful and detailed. I really like how the people are depicted, especially Jesus…He is depicted in the way I’ve always seen Him in my mind’s eye.

The book starts with a great introduction to the Bible and a visual timeline of “what happened when”. The stories are then told from Genesis to Revelation, with a title for the story and a scripture reference for each story. There are also many hero profiles that dig deeper into the heroes of the Bible (Moses, David, Samson, Jesus).

The book itself is hardcover (and very heavy) with a ribbon bookmark, which I love.

This book would be an excellent gift for a new believer or young Christian but I feel that it should only be used as a supplemental resource as it’s not the complete word of God.  That being said, it is amazing when taken for what it is!

I highly recommend this to anyone!

My Rating: 5 stars

I received this book from the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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