A Christmas Belle by Anne Greene Review


Synopsis: The latest book in the series, Christmas Mail Order Angels, A CHRISTMAS BELLE tells Amanda’s story. Amanda expected a Wyoming cowboy, not a Southern Gentleman with a dangerous job. Can the wounded Mail Order Angel and the very Southern Wyoming Sheriff overcome the difficulties of their personal baggage and of the raw western boomtown where men die at the drop of a gold nugget and women are scarce as a tail-hold on a bear? Will the Sheriff put DUTY before love as the fiancé who jilted Amanda had done?

She’s a transplanted southern belle jilted by her finance’ who preferred DUTY to his family. Amanda’s desperate for a new start in a new territory with a Wyoming cowboy. She’s known as a mind reader, but in reality she reads the fleeting expressions people hide. Frank struck gold in the Wyoming Gold Rush and is elected Sheriff by the people of Angel Vale. He signed up for a mail-order bride, not because he wants a wife, but because he needs a mother for the baby boy left on his doorstep. Unfortunately for Amanda, Frank hails from the deep South and DUTY is his middle name. Will Frank choose love or Duty?

My Thoughts: This is the first “mail order bride” story I’ve ever read. I really liked the plot and setting…what an interesting time in history…men would order brides and women would travel for miles to marry a man they’d never met. I can’t imagine the apprehension and uncertainty that each party would go through. The author does an excellent job at portraying those feelings.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Amanda, the main character…she was overly cautious (understandably) but there was something about her personality that rubbed me the wrong way. On the other hand, I loved Frank’s character, although he was a bit too focused on physical looks. Frank refused to give up on Amanda though and truly let his light shine.

This was definitely a fun historical story and I really enjoyed it.

My Rating: 3 stars

I received this book from the author to review. All opinions are my own.

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