A Brush with the Beast by Richard Sones Review


Synopsis: First book in a new series.

You will laugh, cry, and cling to the edge of your seat as you follow this thrilling, international adventure, and epic battle between the ultimate good set against the ultimate evil.

A brilliant and exceptionally talented IT executive, Nick Gooseberry, is at his wits’ end trying to rid himself of chronic debilitating pain. In desperation he turns to The Order, a shadowy organization that promises him freedom from pain and much more. With The Order’s help behind the scenes, Nick lies and blackmails his way into the highest levels of government while plunging into the blackest corners of hell until he sets his sights on ruling the world.

Sarah Johnson is a thirty-something ex-con that the system abandoned in a small town in Texas. As a dime store cashier, her biggest worries are what to eat and what to wear, but she’s always late for work. Her boss decides to get rid of her for good by sending her back to prison, enticing her with a shortcut to riches. She meets the Lord along the way and manages to escape from the authorities, but the fact that she’s pregnant attracts the attention of the Beast. After being whisked to the other side of the planet, her biggest worry becomes surviving.

A Palestinian schoolboy who witnessed the death of his parents grows into a world renowned terrorist driven by his thirst for revenge on his family’s murderers. He hates Israel and their number one ally, the United States. Known by his Arabic nickname, Fanak (the Fox), he orchestrates terror on every continent never realizing that he’s a puppet of the Beast.

The gripping plot, tender moments, plights and ambitions of each character will draw you in to this page turner you won’t be able to put down.

My Thoughts: Set in the end times, this story takes the reader all over the world as they journey with terrorists as well as those on the run from persecution. The reader also sees the antichrist rise to power in a terrifying and descriptive scene.

I always find books about upcoming Bible prophecy the scariest because these are things that are going to happen (maybe not exactly in the author’s interpretation but along the lines of them).

This book was well written and the author packed a lot of story into it. I never felt like the story was dragging, the pacing was great. I also loved the author’s descriptions, I was able to picture the scenes very vividly, which really contributed to my enjoyment of the story.

The book is filled with Biblical and spiritual content, and seemed to be Biblically accurate for the most part. I loved the overall message that Christians just need to trust God and follow his prompting and He’ll handle the rest, He won’t ever leave us.

My only issue with this book was that there were a few instances of cussing, which, although I could see the author’s purpose in using them, I never like to see cussing in a Christian fiction book.

Overall, I highly recommend this story and can’t wait for the next one!

My Rating: 4 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author to review honestly.


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