Included in Christ by Heather Holleman Review


Description: A new kind of Bible study…

After the success of her first two booksHeather Holleman received many requests to write a Bible study. And as a college English instructor, she wanted to make sure it really taught and didn’t simply inform. So she surveyed several women about what their dream study would look like, then got to work.

The result is Included with Christ, a narrative-driven study where you can bring your life before Scripture in the context of community. Together women will discern their personal shadow narratives—ways they are living outside of their identity in Christ—and then rewrite those narratives according to biblical truth.

This in-depth, 8-week study in Ephesians willequip women with six “signature stories” of God’s work in their lives—helping them combat exclusion, loneliness, weakness, decay, emptiness, and silence.

Designed to facilitate honest sharing and help you internalize biblical truth, Included in Christ will provide community and connectedness as well as spiritual nourishment. It will also guide you in how to share your story and the hope of Christ with someone who doesn’t yet know Him.

My Thoughts: Being included is something that I and many other women (I would assume) struggle with and long for. I could probably think of more instances in my life when I’ve felt left out than when I’ve felt like I belonged. This is why I chose this study…and I’m glad that I did.

The author addressed so many things that I was facing that I felt like she had followed me for the past year or been a fly on my wall…but of course she had divine inspiration by someone who had 🙂

One thing I’ve noticed about good Bible studies is that they are always relevant, they always work for me…that’s a God thing. This study focuses on us being included in Christ, how we are part of something special.

It consists of 8 weeks, with 5 days of study per week. We learn to identify our shadow narrative, which is the narrative that keeps us in darkness, as well as our Savior story, which is the story of how we are included. The entire study focuses on the book of Ephesians, which I had never personally studied before. It has now become one of my favorite books of the Bible.

I completed this study alone, which worked very well but it would also be perfect for a small (or larger) group.

I highly recommend this rich study.

My Rating: 5 stars

I received this Bible Study from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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