Web Thinking by Dr. Linda Seger Review


Description: The author helps people shift from “rugged individualism” to a “relationship-oriented” outlook and presents a step-by-step process for rethinking linear thinking and using new images to visualize one’s place in an interconnected world.

My Thoughts: I work alone in my job for the majority of the time so I didn’t expect to get much out of this book. Fortunately, the concepts described in this book can be applied to almost every aspect of a person’s life so I found it to be interesting.

The author describes different ways of thinking and working together…the line, the circle, the spiral, and the web. This book promotes web thinking as it incorporates the other 3 concepts together. I had no idea that I thought in a linear fashion but this book really opened my eyes to that. It helped me to realize that it’s not healthy to look at those in positions of authority as “higher up” because it can make yourself feel lower and unimportant. I’ve always struggled a bit with talking to those in positions of authority as I get extremely nervous and afraid I will sound unintelligent…this book gave me concepts to help me overcome those feelings of inadequacy.

I also found the concepts of circular, spiral, and web thinking to be very interesting. Everything is described in a way that is very easy to understand.

Overall, this would be a great book for people who struggle in their work environment or with interpersonal relationships.

My Rating: 3 and a half stars

I received this book from Bookfun in exchange for an honest review.


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