The Daniel Code By O.S. Hawkins Review


Synopsis: We live in dangerous times. Not only does violence stalk us in the form of terrorism and crime, but our culture itself is crumbling. Our society tolerates and even praises what would once have been barely spoken of. If we stand up we are branded as intolerant, the term today’s culture considers the inexcusable offense.  If we don’t speak up, people won’t know biblical truth.  How is a Christian to respond?

Inspired by the story of Daniel in the Old Testament, bestselling author O.S. Hawkins shows how we can engage our broken culture with integrity. Daniel was a young man who “wrote the book” on how to survive in a pagan, permissive, and perverse culture.  His value system was challenged at every turn.

Daniel steps off the pages of scripture and into our modern culture today to reveal some timeless principles—a sort of “Daniel Code”—that enable you to not simply exist in our culture but to engage it and survive it as well. You will discover that the same God that ensured Daniel’s victories is here for you today.

My Thoughts: It’s no secret that this world can be a scary place to live in. As a Christian, I’ve noticed the divide growing wider and wider between Christians and non-Christians and it is becoming more and more difficult to stand up for what I believe in as it seems like everything is turning upside down.

This book goes into the book of Daniel. Daniel also lived in a crumbling and permissive culture but he “dared to stand alone”.

This book was extremely relevant to today and gives hope as well as prophecy for the future as described in the Bible. It is extremely informative and also very interesting.

I highly recommend this book for any Christian who feels discouraged and silenced by the way the world is headed.

My Rating: 5 stars

I received this book from Booklookbloggers in exchange for an honest review.

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