Prayers and Answered Prayers by Thomas Nelson Review


Description: With its two-in-one format, kids will have the chance to write down their prayers and thanks and then record how God answers their prayers as well. With examples of the great prayers throughout the Bible, many Scripture verses, guided prompts for children to grow more comfortable in their prayer lives, and ways to help them discover how their prayers were answered, this two-books-in-one format will be a fun, attractive way to learn one of the most important pieces of faith—talking and listening to God.

Designed as a first prayer journal for young believers, the book features two smaller booklets in one bright, full coverage glitter cover.  Kids can write down prayer requests and then record how their prayers are answered inside.

Prayers and Answered Prayers engages children with prayer through an interactive, unique format that will draw the attention of parents and children alike!

My Thoughts: This is a very unique book, it’s actually 2 books that you can keep in a clear folder or take them out and use them separately.  The design is very appealing to young girls (according to my 10 year old daughter, who loves it). The clear folder is decorated with colored flowers and each book is glittery and the pages inside are very colorful.

I originally expected this to be a blank journal for writing down prayers and answers to prayers but it’s so much more than that…each book is filled with prompts that cause you to reflect on prayer and blessings. They also include fun things that young girls would just enjoy, such as circling the female Biblical name that they would like to have the most or writing your most embarrassing moment or worst habit.

Overall, this book thoroughly impressed me and exceeded my expectations, I highly recommend it for girls ages 8-12. I would have loved to have a book like this at that age.

My Rating: 5 stars

I received this book from Booklook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

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