Girls Slimline Bible-NLT Review


Description: This adorable edition of God’s Word for girls features the easy-to-understand New Living Translation text with a soft-fur, bright-neon “LOVE” design and silver glittery lining. The “BOLD FAITH” design on the back cover encourages girls to live out their faith in ways that bring God glory.This hardcover deluxe edition also features purple page edges, neon orange ribbon marker, special presentation page, 8 pages of full-color maps, and a 53-page dictionary/concordance to help locate passages on various topics.The New Living Translation text is excellent for young readers because it is so clear and they can understand what they are reading! When they can read and understand God’s Word, God can work in their hearts!

My Thoughts: I let my 9 year old daughter have the honor of opening the package when this Bible arrived. She was giddy when she saw it. We were both surprised to find that the texture was fuzzy, not in a tacky way but nice and soft. There is really cute glitter edging and it has an orange bookmark with pages edged with purple. It also has hot pink end pages that really will appeal to girls in the “tweens” age group. The picture really doesn’t do this Bible justice, it’s very aesthetically pleasing in person.

Aside from the looks of the Bible, it also has many great features that will assist with the reader’s spiritual growth. There are several maps, a great Concordance, a list of verses to memorize, as well as a 365 day reading plan that includes dates to help the reader stay on track. There are also red letters to highlight the words of Jesus. The translation is a very reader friendly one, that is helpful for those just starting to get into the word of God.

Overall, I found this Bible to be perfect for girls between ages 7 and 13. The smaller size makes it easier to transport from place to place, it’s visually (and texturally) appealing, and it encourages young girls to get in the word of God. This is definitely a winner!

I received this book from Tyndale House Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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