The Real Doctor will See you Shortly by Matt McCarthy Review

drGenre: Non-Fiction

Judging the Cover: What were they thinking??? This cover is so bland that I fear many people who would enjoy this book will pass over it solely based on the cover.

Plot according to Goodreads: In medical school, Matt McCarthy dreamed of being a different kind of doctor—the sort of mythical, unflappable physician who could reach unreachable patients. But when a new admission to the critical care unit almost died his first night on call, he found himself scrambling. Visions of mastery quickly gave way to hopes of simply surviving hospital life, where confidence was hard to come by and no amount of med school training could dispel the terror of facing actual patients.The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly offers a window on to hospital life that dispenses with sanctimony and self-seriousness while emphasizing the black-comic paradox of becoming a doctor: How do you learn to save lives in a job where there is no practice?

My Thoughts: I found a lot of comfort by reading this book. I work in the medical field and I was required to complete 2 twelve week internships in different settings. I went into them confident and excited but quickly learned that reading something in a book and actually doing it are 2 entirely different things. I made mistakes, I cried, I felt like a failure at times and felt more stress in those 24 weeks than ever in my life. This book was such a source of solace as I realized that I was not alone in my experience. The author had some serious blunders but, like me, made it through alive with a lot more knowledge and competence.

The Good: I find the process of becoming a doctor fascinating and, after reading this book, a bit scary. The reader gets a peek into the lives of these people who hold our lives in their hands. Dr. McCarthy presents this story in a fresh, fun way, with a lot of humor…so much so that there were times that I forgot I was reading a non-fiction story. I loved that the author was honest about his experience, showing his mistakes as well as his accomplishments.

What I didn’t Like: The pacing was a bit slow at times and it wasn’t “unputdownable” but I always enjoyed it when I picked it up to read.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

I received this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review.

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