The Stranger by Harlan Coben Review

The StrangerGenre: Adult Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

Judging the Cover: I like the colors and the houses strung together but I’m not sure I would pick this one up if I wasn’t familiar with the author.

The plot from Goodreads: Married parents Adam and Hannah confront the shocking secret on which their marriage is built—leaving Adam wondering whether he ever truly knew Hannah at all.

My thoughts: I went into this book with no expectations. I was not disappointed. The story is about secrets being revealed and the mysteries that occur after the revelations. I found this story interesting and unpredictable. It wasn’t “unputdownable” but I enjoyed it in its entirety.

The Good: This is the second book I’ve read by Harlan Coben and I love his writing style. It’s straightforward and simple and it’s very easy to fall into. The plot had many facets to it that all came together in the end. The characters were all interesting and even though there were many characters, it was easy to keep track of them.

The Things I Didn’t Like: There really wasn’t anything “special” about this book. I enjoyed it but there was nothing that really stood out and I feel that it won’t be memorable over time.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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