Doctor Death by Lene Kaaberbol Review

Doctor DeathI won this book from a Goodreads First Reads giveaway. It is published by Atria Books and will be on sale on February 17, 2015.

Genre: Medical Thriller, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Crime Fiction

Judging the Cover: I originally thought the cover was decent but as I type this, I see that there is an image of a wolf on the right side of the picture, which makes me like it a lot more. I wish the wolf was easier to see because it’s a great image and tends to blend in too much.

The Plot: Madeleine Karno is a 20 year old young lady who lives with her father in France in 1894. She loves to assist her father who is a forensic doctor, and when a young girl is found dead in the snow, she helps him unravel the mystery associated with her death.

My thoughts: I went into this book blind. I had zero expectations and no idea what the book would be about. What I discovered was an extremely interesting story with a lot of surprises.

The Good: The setting of 19th century France was perfect. I could really imagine the clothing and places that were described thanks to the descriptive imagery. I also loved the main character, Madeleine. She was unwilling to conform to societies’ expectations on how a woman should act in that time period. There were some twists that I didn’t expect, which is always something that I love. The storyline was also extremely interesting and I really liked seeing how crimes were investigated in the 1800s.

The Bad: There are some explicit sexual scenes (I mean VERY explicit) that just aren’t my cup of tea. The ending felt a bit rushed and I was still a bit confused about some of the things that happened in the story and how they all connected and came together.

My rating: All in all, this was a great story that was very unique. I rated it 4/5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys crime fiction, medical thrillers and historical fiction.

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